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B - Speaker Volume
C - Full Screen Viewing
D - Options (Captions, etc)

How to Use the Multi-Media Library
Playing the videos in this library is simple and requires no downloading. All videos contain high-quality digital audio. If you do not have speakers with your home computer, click on "D" Options and choose "Captions". The text will appear on the screen.

Watching the Video
Many of these videos have stunning digital graphics and amazing photographic sequences. Whenever possible, enlarge the image to use your entire computer screen. This will enhance your viewing experience.

All the videos presented in the IAS Multi-Media Library have high quality digital audio. If you do not have a speaker system attached to your computer, purchase some low cost computer headphones from your local consumer electronics store, and simply plug them into the headphone jack in the back of your computer. The digital audio in these videos is an essential part of your learning experience.

Your Home Internet Service
High speed internet connectivity is essential, if you have a dial-up modem, this library may not function properly. 

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