Indiana Astronomical Society

We are an organization that offers the opportunity to share and learn about one of the most ancient and, at the same time, most contemporary of sciences. Our membership includes people of all ages and in many types of professions.

If you're just starting out, congratulations! Astronomy is an immense field with many different and enjoyable areas that you can study. For the beginner, the club has groups to assist you with visual observing and navigating the night sky.

The primary goal of our Society is to make the study of astronomy an experience that is both fun and rewarding. All that is needed from you is your enthusiasm and desire to participate in this fascinating hobby.

If you would like to join the Indiana Astronomical Society (IAS), download the IAS membership application here. If you have any questions or would like some help finding a mentor, please feel free to contact any of the people listed below by email.

Contact the IAS President John Molt
Contact the IAS Vice President Ken Magar
Contact the IAS Treasurer John Kramer
Contact the IAS Secretary Robert Aull
Members of the Board
Dave Collier (2020)
Mike Birch (2019)
Ed Rhoads (2018)
Ben Jansen (2019)
Jon Thomas (2019)
Jim Smith (2018)
Fred Keller (2020)
Contact the IAS Membership Coordinator - if you have questions about joining the Indiana Astronomical Society.
If you are already a member, the IAS Membership Coordinator should be notified if your contact information such as email address is going to change. The IAS Membership Coordinator also controls access to the IAS-Indy Collaboration Site at to ensure only members may post messages.
Jeff O'Dair
Contact the New Astronomers Group (NAG) Coordinator - If you have questions related to the IAS New Astronomer's programs. Ben Jansen
Contact the IAS Equipment Coordinator - if you would like to borrow telescopes or equipment from the Indiana Astronomical Society (you must be an IAS member). Jon Thomas
Contact the Link Observatory Manager John Shepherd
Contact the IAS Events Coordinator - if you would like to have the Indiana Astronomy Society bring telescopes to your event. Steve Haines
Contact the McCloud Star Gaze Coordinator - if you would like to participate in the McCloud Star Gaze. Jon Thomas
Contact the West Park Liaison - coordinator of the IAS Winter Star Gazes. Dave Collier
Contact the Eagle Creek Liaison - if you want to participate in astro-events at Eagle Creek Park. Jon Thomas
Contact the IAS Astronomical League Correspondent - If you have questions related to the Astronomical League. Phil Dimpelfeld
Contact the Website Content Manager - If you would like to see a correction, enhancement or have questions about the website content. John Molt
Contact the IAS webmaster - If you have technical questions or issues with the website. All content related questions or issues should be sent to the Website Content Manager Bruce Bowman
Contact the IAS Librarian - If you have questions related to the IAS Library. Laura Keller
Contact the IAS Historian - For inquiries related to the history of the IAS or of the Link Observatory. Tom Borlik
Contact the Editor IAS News and Views - If you have questions related to the IAS Monthly Newsletter. Bruce Bowman

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