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I am new to Astronomy and don't know where to start???

THIS SECTION UNDER CONSTRUCTION. For now, please see our Astronomy 101 page.

Why can't I see the interactive planetarium?

The interactive planetarium relies on the Java runtime library which must be installed on your machine. Please check to see if Java is installed on your machine by clicking on the following link: At the destination page, you should press the "Verify Java Version" button to ensure you have the recommended version installed on your machine.

You can also follow this link: When you get to the destination page, press the "Free Java Download" button.

Why am I having trouble displaying the IAS news bulletins?

The news bulletins are in PDF format. A free reader called "Adobe Reader" may be found here: If you have Adobe Reader installed but are still having problems, you may want to download the latest version. Press the "Download" button when you get to the destination page.

Carefully review what is being downloaded at this site as Adobe often offers add-on (optional) programs that are not necessary to the function of the Adobe Reader program. For best performance, we suggest that you do install the recommended browser extension.

How do I make suggestions for improving or enhancing the website?

For all questions and suggestions related to web content, you can send email to the Website Content Manager

How do I get help with technical issues related to the website?

For Technical issues only, you can send email to the website developer

Who do I need to contact if my email address is going to change?

For email address changes or other contact information changes, please contact the membership coordinator at

Where can I find your cookie policy?

The IAS web site does not use cookies.

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