Indiana Astronomical Society

We are an organization that offers the opportunity to share and learn about one of the most ancient and, at the same time, most contemporary of sciences. Our membership includes people of all ages and in many types of professions.

If you're just starting out, congratulations! Astronomy is an immense field with many different and enjoyable areas that you can study. For the beginner, the club has groups to assist you with visual observing and navigating the night sky.

The primary goal of our Society is to make the study of astronomy an experience that is both fun and rewarding. All that is needed from you is your enthusiasm and desire to participate in this fascinating hobby.

Our Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings are held on Saturday nights either at the Goethe Link Observatory near Mooresville in the summer or the Holcomb Planetarium at Butler University in the winter months.

Driving directions to the Link Observatory

Driving directions to Holcomb Planetarium

We have a variety of Guest Speakers join us for each session. See our Calendar of Events for more information.

Our Social Network

IAS-Indy Collaboration Site IAS Facebook page
Use Facebook and the IAS-Indy Collaboration Site at to share experiences, interesting news and events and ask questions related to astronomy with other IAS members.

Our History at the Link Observatory

The Link Observatory
Visit the Link Observatory page and learn about our long history in amateur astronomy, construction of the Gothe Link Observatory and the 36-inch folded cassegrain reflector installed there.

Our Public Outreach Programs

Public Outreach
The main mission of the Indiana Astronomical Society is to promote interest in science and astronomy to our youth. The IAS provides public outreach programs, where our members share their telescopes and views of the night sky. We also provide presentations to school groups and various youth organizations, as well as offer programs for the general public. The Society provides access to local sky-events, dark sky sites, large telescopes, and other astronomical activities.

You can contact the Public Outreach Coordinator by sending email to

Our Equipment Loan Program

Equipment Loan
Are you new to astronomy? Looking to buy a telescope but not sure what to get? Why not borrow a scope so you can get some hands-on experience before making your decision? The IAS has a small pool of telescopes, eyepieces, and binoculars in our equipment loan program. The program is open to all IAS members in good standing. Loans are short term (typically one month), but the loan can be readily extended as long as no other members are waiting

You can contact the Equipment Loan Coordinator by sending email to

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